Thursday, September 10, 2009

Kena Menabung Nie....

Raise and lower your antenna with a touch of the button with the K9000 motorized mount for trunk lips & hatchbacks.

Special Features:
Accepts "Ground Independent" antennas up to 45" in length
0-90° range; operates from 12VDC with fused cigarette plug
Includes 20' cable to switch
Compantible with Diamond C-series base/cable assemblies
Also available for luggage rack and oversize luggage rack installations

9w2sgn komen : minat sangat dengan antenna mount nie... kenapa minat?.. sebab ayat nie "Raise and lower your antenna with a touch of the button" ..... tak payah la teman nak kena benti bukak antena radio teman tue dah setiap kali melalui kawasan2 yang rendah bumbungnya...nampaknya kena la menabung... memang teman akan dapatkan satu antenna mount nie..

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